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Breast Massage (Special Feelings) For Ladies Only

I am Nipun a male therapist with over 4 years of practical experience in providing the most exceptional amazing BREAST AND HIPS (BUTT) massage services, and I guarantee you will have the best time and feeling of the day!

Please note – I respect both my clients, and my own privacy, so rest assured you are in good hands. This service is only for massage services, and feelings

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am 5’ 4” ft tall nice handsome person and I give respective feeling for the ladies. I am an open minded person and always think about my clients satisfaction.

if you wish to get my treatment you are always welcome to feel the difference, I do below massage


1. Breast Enlargement Treatments.
2. Breast Positioning & Shaping Treatments.
3. Breast Lifting / Firming Treatments.
4. Breast Cubeless, Rounding Treatments.
5. Nipple enlargement, sensitivity increasing.
6. Bra and Saree jacket fit on with sensual feeling experience
7. Many more Breast Treatments............ ♥ ♥ ♥


1. Butt lifting exercise training and massage
2. But widening and round shaping massage and routine
3. Butt volume increase and firming (Toning) exercises
4. Labia & Yoni Plucking, sensitivity increase massages.

Additionally, on request I can give you a soothing massage for below.

1. Full body soap massage with oil
2. Head massage
3. Tummy and back massage
4. Body to Body – Nuru Massage
5. Shower massage together.

I mainly focus, specialize on your breasts during the sessions and training given, to release and reduce your stress

I am very good when it comes to female breasts, and I give you the best feelings and experience with

1. Full, hard to soft – warm breast massage
2. Massage over your clothes experience with saree jacket, bra, tops feeling experience.
2. Special nipple sensitivity feeling & L-I-C-K-I-N-G (Expert)

For all ladies, single or married or even divorced it doesn’t matter and especially even if you are even mature and about 50 years old I will help, if you want to experience something amazing and different, and not just boring full / se x service, but for seeking sensuality, romance, and love, you are in the right place!

Experience the newfound feelings with your breasts been manipulated to limits you never imagined, with the best boyfriend experience!

This is something more than just plain boring sex, it is all about getting an AMAZING feeling during the sessions! I give my 100% privacy assurance and I am not a money minded person you can contact me......

Genuine couples also consider for the treatments, you need to prove you are genuine !

Home and hotel visit massage for Couple ,local and foreign ladies.100% confidential and good service assured. My service will offer to release your stress, tension and motivate your whole body.

I use Olive oil, else any oil or cream and wet or dry if u wish to feel the difference. You can enjoy most reliable an confidential body massage at your place.

Over the phone free advice and tutorials / guidance provided free al so.(Due to COVID-19 Situation)

Don't Delay Your Dreams call Soon as possible, If i didn't answer please send a SMS then i can get back to you.... ♥ ♥ (24 hours can call) also can WhatsApp...


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Published : 1 week ago