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Dating service with privacy…

Personal -> Beauty Therapy/Hair Dressing

Read the advertisement carefully…
did you broken up your relationship???
Are you currently on a relationship, but want to try another one and see how it works???
After the broke up going through a stress & want to share the story with someone who could keep confidential???
Never had a Yes from a guy and want go for a date with someone and get the experience…
I’m a guy age of 35 who would love to share my time with you, as a service with the confidentiality. Service only provide for females because I’m a straight person. No need to know who you are or your personnel details. Only I will provide what you request and 100% privacy is assured and expects the same. Not a perfect looking six pack person, but ahandsomea guy with an athlete body.
You have to bear the cost on dating expenses and you have the freedom to choose the place… I’m an individual who provide this service in a friendly manner.
Reminding again 100% privacy will be there and expect the same. Further experience guy on handling stress and giving up on relationship as a counsellor and not a psycastric. I do this to do a research on my PHD… I could speak English & Sinhala.. If you feel you want to try out contact me on viber & whatsapp. No photo sharing without a proper meeting. No prostitution services will be provide..

94 77 801 803 1


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Published : 3 days ago